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This page documents all major updates to the website since its establishment in 2006. It excludes individual news items, legislative updates, and newsletters, as well as routine or minor updates to pages.

2019-05-22 CSNC 2019 presentation
2019-03-27 CGSIC Munich 2019
2019-03-22 May 2019 ICWG and proposed ICD revisions
2019-03-01 Advisory board meeting minutes
2018-12-12 New GPS III videos
2018-12-05 Advisory board presentations
2018-11-29 Advisory board meeting agenda
2018-11-05 ICG-13 presentations
2018-10-16 APEC TPT-WG46 presentations
2018-10-02 Advisory board topic papers
2018-09-25 CGSIC Miami presentations
2018-09-20 Aug 2018 advisory board minutes (PDF)
2018-08-28 May 2018 advisory board minutes (PDF)
2018-08-13 Advisory board letter
2018-08-06 Advisory board telecon slides
2018-08-03 Advisory board telecon agenda
2018-07-11 IS-GPS-200J; IS-GPS-705E; IS-GPS-800E; IS-GPS-240B; IS-GPS-870C
2018-06-15 Proposed interface revision notices
2018-05-25 CSNC 2018 presentations
2018-05-18 2017 GPS performance report
2018-05-16 Advisory board presentations
2018-05-07 Advisory board meeting agenda
2018-05-07 Baska presentation
2018-03-16 NPEF gap analysis
2018-03-06 Munich Summit presentation
2018-02-14 FY 2019 GPS budget
2018-02-14 Nov 2017 advisory board minutes (PDF)
2018-02-08 IGNSS 2018 presentations
2017-12-20 AF memo on GPS control segment software change
2017-12-18 Other GNSS
2017-12-13 ICWG minutes
2017-12-11 ISGNSS presentation
2017-12-06 Critical Infrastructure conference presentations
2017-12-04 U.S.-China joint statement
2017-12-04 ICG-12 presentations
2017-11-15 Advisory board presentations
2017-11-09 Advisory board agenda
2017-11-03 Revisions to ICD-GPS-240 & ICD-GPS-870
2017-11-03 Separated OCX & OCX risk mitigations from control segment page
2017-10-13 Website upgraded to HTTPS
2017-10-10 Advisory board meeting minutes
2017-09-26 CGSIC Portland presentations
2017-09-13 Revised GPS control segment page
2017-08-31 ICWG meeting materials
2017-08-15 2016 GPS performance report
2017-08-15 New Q&A's on GPS accuracy
2017-07-10 Advisory board letter on adjacent band interference
2017-07-06 Updated GPS interface specifications
2017-07-03 AF paper on 1 dB interference threshold
2017-06-28 Advisory board presentations
2017-06-27 GPS user support MOA
2017-06-26 Advisory board meeting agenda
2017-06-26 Proposed interface revision notices
2017-06-12 CNAV message
2017-05-25 FY 2018 GPS budget
2017-05-23 CSNC presentations
2017-05-17 GPS performance reports for 2015 & 2014
2017-05-09 Separated AEP, LADO, & L-AII from control segment page
2017-05-09 Separated current & historic ICDs
2017-05-08 Baska GNSS presentations
2017-05-02 ION Pacific PNT presentation
2017-04-25 APEC TPT-WG44 presentations
2017-04-19 2016 ICWG minutes
2017-04-06 ATIS workshop presentation
2017-04-05 Adjacent band workshop presentations
2017-03-23 CGSIC Portland 2017
2017-03-22 Advisory board meeting minutes
2017-03-16 Munich Summit presentations
2017-03-13 CGSIC Munich 2017
2017-02-10 Revised GPS accuracy page
2017-02-07 COPUOS presentation
2017-02-06 Redesigned main homepage
2017-02-02 Redesigned legislative homepage
2017-02-01 Redesigned education homepage
2017-01-31 Redesigned Spanish, French, Chinese, and Arabic homepages
2017-01-27 Updated GPS interface specifications
2017-01-25 ATIS presentation
2017-01-24 Updated GPS interface specifications
2017-01-09 Galileo waiver request
2016-12-07 Advisory board presentations
2016-12-06 Proposed interface revision notices
2016-12-06 IGNSS 2016 presentation
2016-12-05 ISGNSS 2016 presentation
2016-11-30 Advisory board agenda
2016-11-08 ICG-11 presentations
2016-11-07 Revised ICWG documents
2016-10-31 Paper on UTC offset anomaly
2016-09-19 September ICWG presentation
2016-09-12 CGSIC presentations
2016-09-08 Advisory board meeting minutes
2016-09-05 Updated GPS interface specification
2016-08-31 GPS performance data
2016-08-30 CGSIC Portland agenda (updated)
2016-07-29 ICG+2016 presentation
2016-07-18 Advisory board letter
2016-07-09 Maps Camp presentations
2016-07-05 Proposed ICD changes
2016-06-06 Prague Space Security Conference presentation
2016-05-18 Advisory board presentations
2016-05-13 Advisory board agenda
2016-05-09 Baska GNSS presentation
2016-05-03 CGSIC Portland 2016
2016-05-02 American Space Renaissance Act
2016-04-13 APEC TPT-WG42 presentations
2016-04-08 Secure World Foundation event presentation
2016-03-15 ICWG minutes
2016-03-08 Adjacent band compatibility test plan
2016-03-02 Munich summit presentation
2016-02-26 GPS-Galileo ARAIM report
2016-02-26 Advisory board meeting minutes
2016-02-12 Draft IRN-IS-705-002D
2016-02-12 FY17 GPS budget
2016-01-15 Updated contact page
2015-12-03 APRSAF-22 presentation
2015-11-15 CGSIC Kyoto / IS-GNSS 2015 presentations
2015-11-02 ICG-10 presentations
2015-10-30 Advisory board meeting presentations
2015-10-27 Advisory board agenda
2015-10-21 IAIN presentation
2015-10-13 USTTI seminar presentations
2015-10-09 Proposed changes to GPS interface specifications
2015-09-28 Advisory board meeting minutes
2015-09-16 CGSIC presentations
2015-09-14 Draft test plan on adjacent band compatibility
2015-07-15 Proposed changes to GPS interface specifications
2015-06-22 Mobile-friendly international homepage
2015-06-17 GPS partnership council presentations
2015-06-11 Advisory board presentations
2015-06-05 Advisory board agenda
2015-06-02 Hill event presentations; advisory board counselors
2015-06-01 PNT office support legislation
2015-05-28 Air Force GPS video
2015-05-28 APEC TPT-WG41 presentation
2015-05-26 Updated advisory board membership and charter
2015-05-13 CSNC 2015 presentation
2015-05-13 SSA 2015 presentations
2015-04-27 ION Pacific PNT presentation
2015-04-20 PRN code assignments
2015-04-09 CGSIC Munich
2015-03-24 Munich Satellite Navigation Summit presentations
2015-03-24 Constellation replenishment report
2015-03-23 GPS-Galileo ARAIM report
2015-03-20 Advisory board meeting minutes
2015-03-13 55th CGSIC meeting agenda
2015-03-09 UK MilSpace conference presentation
2015-03-03 RIN INC 2015 presentation
2015-02-11 GPS user support agreement
2015-02-09 FCC rules on use of foreign RNSS signals
2015-02-05 FY16 GPS Budget
2014-12-10 Advisory board presentations
2014-12-05 Advisory board meeting agenda
2014-12-05 APRSAF-21 presentation
2014-11-14 ICG-9 presentations
2014-11-07 USTTI seminar presentations
2014-11-04 Mobile-friendly students homepage
2014-10-30 Stanford PNT presentations
2014-10-23 Mobile-friendly media homepage
2014-09-26 Bio of new NCO director
2014-09-25 Satellite antenna patterns
2014-09-22 DOT workshop presentations
2014-09-16 ION GNSS+ presentations
2014-09-15 CGSIC Tampa presentations
2014-09-05 Mobile homepage for GPS pros
2014-09-04 Advisory board minutes
2014-08-28 GPS adjacent-band compatibility assessment
2014-08-25 Presentations from open forum; updated CGSIC agenda
2014-08-11 Report on multi-year procurement
2014-07-09 Open forum on GPS public documents
2014-07-03 Mobile-friendly updates to LightSquared pages
2014-06-23 Updated GPS interface specifications
2014-06-20 Link to FCC workshop presentations
2014-06-10 CGSIC Halethorpe presentations
2014-06-04 Advisory board presentations
2014-05-30 Advisory board meeting agenda
2014-05-27 U.S.-China cooperation statement
2014-05-22 CGSIC regional meeting agenda
2014-05-20 Presentations from CSNC 2014
2014-05-20 Website satisfaction survey
2014-04-28 54th CGSIC meeting agenda
2014-04-01 Presentation from APEC GIT/19
2014-03-26 Munich Satellite Navigation Summit presentations
2014-03-07 Advisory board minutes
2014-03-06 Mobile homepage for Congress
2014-02-21 Improved help with GPS maps/routes
2014-02-05 Presentation to ICAO working group
2014-01-27 ION ITM 2014 presentation, revised space segment page
2013-12-13 Presentation from Mobile Network Security Strategies conference
2013-12-04 Advisory board presentations
2013-11-22 Advisory board meeting agenda
2013-11-20 GPS location privacy
2013-11-10 ICG-8 presentations
2013-11-08 USTTI seminar presentations
2013-10-18 Updated mobile design
2013-09-27 Mobile format for multimedia, advisory board, and all content in Spanish, French, and Chinese
2013-09-24 Mobile format for what's new, current news, recent presentations, applications (English), support, national executive committee, federal agencies, international cooperation, technical, others
2013-09-20 Advisory board minutes
2013-09-19 Presentations from ION GNSS+ 2013 and upcoming ICWG meeting
2013-09-16 CGSIC Nashville presentations
2013-09-09 Updated GPS PIRNs
2013-09-01 Mobile version of main homepage and CGSIC section
2013-08-06 Presentations from APEC GIT/18 and IGNSS 2013
2013-07-30 U.S.-Japan cooperation announcement
2013-06-26 Videos on WAAS and NextGen
2013-06-25 GPS national risk estimate fact sheet and updated summary
2013-06-13 Redesigned what's new and website history pages
2013-06-07 ICWG meeting notice and PIRNs
2013-05-21 Updated advisory board membership and charter
2013-05-16 AIA presentation
2013-05-15 Presentations from China Satellite Navigation Conference and Geospatial World Forum
2013-05-14 GPS modernization video
2013-05-13 CGSIC meeting agenda
2013-05-07 Advisory board presentations
2013-05-02 May 2013 advisory board agenda
2013-04-30 IS-GPS-200G, 705C, 800C
2013-04-29 Presentations from ION Pacific PNT and International Satellite Navigation Forum
2013-04-22 Presentation from Croatia GNSS workshop
2013-04-11 FY 2014 GPS budget request
2013-04-09 GPS trilateration exercise
2013-03-26 Homepage for students
2013-03-18 Presentation from Satellite 2013
2013-02-22 U.S.-EU interim report on ARAIM
2013-02-19 U.S. statement to COPUOS
2013-02-09 Presentation from GPS Adventures opening event
2013-02-01 Updates on LightSquared and GPS
2013-01-18 GPS educational poster
2013-01-17 UK-U.S. statement on GPS intellectual property
2013-01-16 Satellite manufacturer videos
2013-01-10 Bios for new NCO director, deputy director
2012-11-29 SSCWG meeting notice
2012-11-28 Advisory board minutes
2012-11-04 ICG-7 Beijing presentations
2012-10-23 USTTI seminar presentations
2012-10-12 CORS users forum archives
2012-09-25 LightSquared hearing summary
2012-09-19 CGSIC Nashville presentations
2012-09-11 Civil GPS service interface committee (CGSIC) section, including charter, meetings, U.S. states & local government subcommittee, international information subcommittee, timing subcommittee, surveying, mapping, and geo-sciences subcommittee, and open issues
2012-08-22 External links
2012-08-21 Advisory board membership, tasks, recommendations, and updated overview
2012-08-19 ICWG meeting materials
2012-08-16 Advisory board meeting agendas, presentations, and minutes from 2007-2012; advisory board charter
2012-08-15 Aug 2012 advisory board presentations
2012-08-13 Expanded content on GPS governance, including national executive committee, member agencies, national coordination office, and advisory board.
2012-08-10 APEC GIT/17 presentations
2012-08-06 Governance section (formerly Policy & Funding); PNT policy; national space policy
2012-06-15 ICWG meeting notice
2012-06-06 Website moved from Coast Guard to NOAA host server
2012-05-21 Presentation from China Satellite Navigation Conference 2012
2012-05-14 Interface revision notices IRN-IS-200F-001,IRN-IS-705B-001, and IRN-IS-800B-001
2012-04-25 Surveying & mapping in Spanish, Chinese
2012-04-20 Satellite simulator working group meeting notice
2012-04-17 Presentation from International Satellite Navigation Forum
2012-04-16 Spectrum & interference issues; LightSquared overview and reference documents
2012-04-12 Surveying & mapping in French, Arabic
2012-04-02 Updated surveying & mapping page
2012-03-20 Presentation from WSTS '12
2012-03-14 Presentation from Munich Satellite Navigation Summit
2012-03-12 IS-GPS-200F, 705B, 800B
2012-02-14 APEC GIT/16 presentations
2012-02-13 FY 2013 GPS budget request
2012-02-10 NOAA presentation from ION ITM 2012
2012-01-24 U.S.-Japan announcement and technical report on GPS cooperation
2012-01-13 NOAA presentation on LightSquared testing
2011-12-04 Upgraded homepage for news media, RSS feed of GPS news
2011-11-28 GPS news items from 1997-2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010
2011-11-28 Presentations from CGSIC London and ENC 2011
2011-11-24 Completed migration of international cooperation documents from
2011-11-23 ICD-GPS-870A
2011-11-18 Supreme Court reviews GPS privacy issues
2011-11-16 2011 news items and Japan cooperation statements migrated from; type-ahead feature added to search box
2011-11-15 Migrated major policy documents from to
2011-11-15 GPS presentations from 2000-2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011, including presentation from IGNSS 2011
2011-11-10 Presentations section, including USTTI briefing and link to PNT advisory board briefings
2011-11-07 Geolocation Privacy and Surveillance Act
2011-11-03 Testimony about LightSquared before the transportation, science, armed services, and small business committees
2011-10-28 Selective Availability, including frequently asked questions, before-and-after data, Dan Goldin announcement, etc.
2011-10-27 Migrated performance standard documents from to
2011-10-26 GPS legislative updates with RSS feed
2011-10-20 Reorganized congressional newsletters; restructured FY 2012 funding charts; LightSquared-related legislation
2011-10-14 FY 2012 funding
2011-10-07 FCC news on jammer enforcement
2011-10-06 GPS program receives international award
2011-10-03 Control segment; congressional hearings
2011-08-29 Info on Expandable 24; new GPS accuracy chart; GPS IIF-2 launch video; outreach handouts; ICWG materials
2011-06-24 ICWG meeting updates; new rail applications text in Arabic
2011-06-07 Launch countdown; accuracy; new applications overview; new rail applications text in French, Spanish; September 2011 ICWG materials; RSS feed for site updates
2011-05-03 GPS space segment; GPS modernization, including new civil signals; new text on rail applications; updated photos for some applications; NDGPS legislation; FY 2011 funding; how to fix map errors on your navigation device; about this website; improved website navigation; improved translations
2011-04-25 ICWG materials
2011-04-11 Minor updates
2011-03-18 Homepage redesign (English only); news media homepage, congressional homepage; congressional newsletter; reports to Congress; professionals homepage; what's new; U.S. policy overview; federal agencies; international cooperation; information on GPS jamming; legislation, including U.S. Code, congressional reporting requirements, termination of LORAN-C; program funding, including FY 2012 budget request, FY 2011 budget request, etc.; launch videos; exhibits, including GPS Adventures, GPS Adventures Arkansas, Smithsonian Time & Navigation; improved user support page; site-wide improvements to navigation, action buttons
2011-02-15 ICWG meeting notice
2011-02-10 Draft ICD-GPS-870A; April 2011 ICWG materials
2010-12-06 Total redesign, including new navigation bars, internationals homepage; multimedia, including video messages, image library; support, including frequently asked questions, CGSIC, GPS user support, website feedback
2010-08-17 IS-GPS-200E, 705A, 800A; Semi-codeless/codeless GPS access commitments
2010-07-09 Technical documentation, including interface control documents, performance standards & specifications
2007-06-13 Chinese translations; Arabic translations
2006-11-13 Spanish translations; French translations
2006-09-12 online with initial content: introduction [deleted]; applications, including agriculture, aviation, environment, marine, public safety & disaster relief, rail, recreation, roads & highways, space, surveying & mapping, timing; systems, including GPS, augmentations

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