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Civil GPS Service Interface Committee

63rd CGSIC Meeting

The full Civil GPS Service Interface Committee is scheduled to convene in Denver, Colorado, and online on September 11-12, 2023, in conjunction with the ION GNSS+ 2023 conference.

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The Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC) is the recognized worldwide forum for effective interaction between all civil GPS users and the U.S. GPS authorities.

The U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center (NAVCEN) coordinates and manages CGSIC in cooperation with the Department of Transportation.


The Department of Transportation established CGSIC to exchange information about GPS with the civil user community, respond to the needs of civil GPS users, and integrate GPS into civil sector applications. View charter

Information from CGSIC members and meetings is provided to United States GPS authorities for consideration in GPS policy development and GPS service operation.

Public Participation

CGSIC meets annually and is open to anyone interested in civil GPS issues. Membership is free, and there is no fee to attend any CGSIC meeting.

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CGSIC includes members from U.S. and international private, government, and industry user groups.

If you wish to become a contributing participant and agree to be contacted for input on matters pertaining to your organization or expertise, please complete the CGSIC registration form on the NAVCEN website:


Note: joining CGSIC does not automatically add you to the mailing list (see below).

Email List

Anyone (members and non-members) may subscribe to the CGSIC email list to receive meeting notices and other announcements of interest to the GPS community. The list is managed via


Past messages are archived below.


Open Issues


The U.S. State & Local Government Subcommittee (USSLS) was retired in 2017. View historic info


An Executive Panel consists of the Chair, Deputy Chair, Subcommittee Chairs, and representatives from several different transportation modes.

Ms. Karen Van Dyke
Director, Positioning, Navigation and Timing Programs
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology
U.S. Department of Transportation
Deputy Chair:
Captain Scott Calhoun
Commanding Officer
U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center
International Deputy Chair:
Mr. John Wilde
United Kingdom
Executive Secretariat:
Mr. Rick Hamilton
GPS Information Analysis Team Lead
U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center

Contact CGSIC

If you have questions about CGSIC or would like to join one of the subcommittees, please contact the Executive Secretariat via the NAVCEN contact page. Go there

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