Logan Scott

Logan Scott Logan Scott has over 40 years of military and civil GPS systems engineering experience. He is a consultant specializing in radio frequency signal processing and waveform design.

At Texas Instruments, he pioneered approaches for building high performance, jamming resistant digital receivers and adaptive arrays. At Omnipoint (now T-Mobile), he developed spectrum sharing techniques that led to a Pioneer's preference award from the FCC.

Logan has been an active advocate for improved civil GPS location assurance for over 20 years and was the first to describe how civil navigation signals could be authenticated using delayed key concepts central to the Chimera signal.

For the past 6 years he has been developing advanced signal concepts for NTS-3, AFRL, and the University of Colorado. He has also been active in developing LEO system architectures.

Logan is a Fellow of the Institute of Navigation and a Senior Member of IEEE. In 2018, he received the GPS World Signals award. He is the author of "Interference Origins, Effects, and Mitigation" in PNT 21 and holds 46 US patents

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