Intersession Meeting 21A
August 6, 2018


Post-Meeting Records

Presentation Materials

The following presentation slides were used during the meeting:


12:00 - 12:10 p.m.
Call to Order & Administrative Notes
Mr. James J. Miller, Executive Director, PNT Advisory Board, NASA Headquarters
12:10 - 12:25
Welcome Comments & Meeting Objectives
PNT Board Focus & Priorities
Hon John Stenbit, Chair, PNT Advisory Board
12:25 - 1:55
PNT Board Working Group / Subcommittee Reports to Chair on PNT Topic Papers
Deliverable 1: Topic/Issue Paper to PNT EXCOM
PNTAB Working Group Leads
Mr. Ron Hatch
Aviation and Aerospace
Mr. Scott Burgett
Critical Infrastructure and Timing
Adm Thad Allen
Lt Gen Larry James
Policy and Governance
Mr. Dana Goward
Dr. Gerhard Beutler
Dr. Sergio Camacho-Lara
Transportation (Non-Aviation)
Mr. Russell Shields
1:55 - 2:10
Opening Remarks for Spectrum Recommendations
Follow-Up from 21st PNT Board Meeting of May 16-17 – non-recused members
Governor Jim Geringer, 2nd Vice-Chair
2:10 - 3:40
PNT Board Recommendations & Analysis of Impacts from Broadband Proposal(s)
Deliverable 2: PNT Board Memo(s) to PNT EXCOM
Dr. Bradford Parkinson, 1st Vice-Chair
3:40 - 4:00
Afternoon Wrap-Up & Next Steps
Time permitting
All Members

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