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Civil GPS Service Interface Committee

International Information Subcommittee

This page provides information about the International Information Subcommittee (IISC) of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC).


IISC focuses on the needs of the international GPS user community by hosting information exchanges throughout the world and collecting inputs from users outside the United States.

Subcommittee Officials

John Wilde
Vice President Commercial, Navtech, UK
Europe Regional Vice-Chair:
Prof. František Vejrazška
Vice - Rector
Czech Technical University in Prague
Czech Republic
Australia/Pacific Islands Regional Vice-Chair:
Temporarily Vacant
Asia Regional Vice-Chair:
Hiroshi Nichiguchi
Japan GPS Council
North America Regional Vice-Chair:
Mike Swiek
U.S. GPS Industry Council

Country Reports


IISC generally meets once or twice each year covering different regions of the world. It also convenes during the annual meeting of the full CGSIC.

56th CGSIC Meeting

The full Civil GPS Service Interface Committee convened September 12-13, 2016, at the Portland Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, in conjunction with the ION GNSS+ 2016 conference.

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Previous Meetings

Regional Meeting

November 16, 2015
Kyoto, Japan

The CGSIC International Information Subcommittee held its 2015 Asia Meeting at the International Symposium on GNSS 2015 (IS-GNSS 2015).

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