Architecture Evolution Plan (AEP)

The Air Force currently commands and controls the operational GPS constellation through a system called AEP. The system is capable of managing all of today's GPS satellites.

AEP refers to the Architecture Evolution Plan implemented in 2007. Under this plan, the Air Force replaced its original, mainframe-based GPS master control station with an entirely new one built on modern IT technologies.

Airman at computer console The AEP system improved the flexibility and responsiveness of GPS operations and paved the way forward for the next generation of GPS space and control capabilities.

Utilizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, AEP also improved GPS monitor stations and ground antennas, substantially enhancing sustainability and accuracy.

AEP features an alternate master control station — a fully operational backup for the master control station.


Next Generation Operational Control System (OCX): In the future, AEP and the entire GPS control segment will be replaced by OCX. Lockheed Martin will be under contract to sustain the GPS ground control segment, including AEP, until OCX becomes operational. Learn about OCX

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