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This section of the website provides access to all of the information needed to develop and build equipment to use the civilian services of GPS and its augmentations.

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Interface Specifications Updated

These documents provide detailed information on the civil GPS signals and codes broadcast at the L1, L2, and L5 frequencies. Enter to access current versions of the GPS Interface Specifications, as well as information about ongoing efforts to update the documents through the Interface Control Working Group (ICWG).

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Performance Standards & Specifications

These documents specify the levels of technical performance that users can expect from GPS and related systems. Enter to access current and past versions of the performance standards for the civil GPS service (SPS), military GPS service (PPS), Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), and U.S. GPS monitoring capabilities.

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Federal Radionavigation Plan

The Federal Radionavigation Plan (FRP) is the official source of radionavigation policy and planning for the federal government. It covers both terrestrial and space-based, common-use, federally operated radionavigation systems, including GPS and GPS augmentations. This link opens the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center website, which contains the 2017 FRP and several previous issues.

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Codeless/Semi-Codeless GPS Access Commitments

These documents describe U.S. government commitments to support semi-codeless/codeless civilian access to the current P(Y) signals and the transition to the modernized L2C and L5 signals. Enter to access the 2014 Federal Radionavigation Plan, 2008 Federal Register notice, and more.

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PRN Code Assignments Updated

The Air Force GPS Directorate manages the coordination and issuance of pseudorandom noise (PRN) codes to each GPS satellite and other transmitters of GPS codes at the L1, L2, and L5 frequencies. This link leads to an Air Force webpage providing the current PRN number assignments and describing the PRN assignment process.

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Satellite Antenna Panel Patterns

These documents describe technical characteristics of the antenna panels on the GPS Block IIR and Block IIR-M satellites. The satellite manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, compiled the information based on its design specifications and ground test measurements of the antenna panels. The following link to Lockheed Martin's website is not meant to endorse any company products or views.

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We are aware that the link above is no longer working and are working with Lockheed Martin to have the materials reposted.

GPS Satellite Simulator Control Working Group

The Satellite Simulator Control Working Group (SSCWG) is a forum for disseminating technical information to manufacturers of GPS constellation simulators.

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