Public ICWG and Open Forum

September 2023

Updated September 28, 2023

Meeting Details

Date and Time:

September 27, 2023
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. PDT



Virtual Participation:

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Points of Contact:

Captain Rick Merchant

Maj Cobb Brandon

The Space Force hosted the 2023 Public Interface Control Working Group and Open Forum for the following documents:

This meeting was open to the general public where public participation was welcomed.

The purpose of this meeting was to update the public on proposed GPS public document changes, collect issues/comments for analysis and adjudicate subject comments for possible incorporation into future GPS public document revisions.

When OCX is fielded, the current (5) plain text data products (as defined in ICD-GPS-240) will be replaced by (4) XML based data products (as defined in ICD-GPS-870). The new products include the GPS Advisory, GPS Advisory Collection, Ops Status, and the Public Common Almanac.

The meeting also presented a conversion tool and other information necessary for GPS users to access the new product(s) and ensure backwards compatibility.

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Meeting Materials

The Space Force presented the following material at the meeting.

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Pre-Meeting Comment Submission

Prior to the meeting, the Space Force solicited public comments on the following Proposed Change Notice (PCN) and related materials. The comment period ended August 11, 2023.

RFC-00477: Navstar Next Generation GPS Control Segment (OCX) to User Support Community Interface

RFC-00502: 2023 Proposed Changes to the Public Documents

XML Files and VATU Authentication Tool

Special topics may also be considered for the Public Open Forum. If you wish to present a special topic, please submit any materials to no later than September 6, 2023.

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