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Fixing Wrong Directions in Devices, Apps, and Online Maps

Map icon Frustrated by missing/wrong locations and directions in GPS devices and apps? The problem is in the mapping information used by the devices/apps. That information comes from the private sector (e.g., Google, Apple), not from the GPS satellites.

The U.S. government cannot correct mapping errors in consumer devices/apps, but has published instructions to help you report them to the responsible parties:

Report a mapping problem

If you experience a sudden loss of GPS satellite signals or other unusual behavior, please report it to the authorities using our GPS Service Outages & Status Reports page. Go there

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Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions about GPS, including:

Please send all other inquiries to the National Coordination Office for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing at

Alert icon The National Coordination Office does not provide user support for GPS devices, apps, or maps.

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