OCX Risk Mitigations

The GPS III program includes two efforts as risk mitigations to late OCX delivery: Contingency Operations (COps) and M-Code Early Use (MCEU).

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GPS III Contingency Operations

COps will fly GPS III space vehicles to be brought into the operational constellation, sustaining current levels of performance and avoiding degradation.

The current acquisition schedule of OCX Block 1 (capability to operate GPS III satellites) puts GPS constellation sustainment at risk since the current control segment cannot operate GPS III satellites.

GPS III COps is a modification to the current control segment to operate GPS III satellites' positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) and Nuclear Detonation Detection System (NDS) payloads and maintain limited test M-Code capability until OCX Block 1 is delivered.

COps relies on OCX Block 0 for GPS III launch, major anomaly, and disposal capabilities.

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M-Code Early Use

MCEU is necessary to provide core capabilities of the modernized military GPS signal, known as M-Code, to the military GPS user community.

Without M-Code, military GPS users will continue to be threatened by GPS jamming and spoofing. Thus, by providing M-Code signal, MCEU will provide greater protections against those threats prior to delivery of OCX Block 1.

Additionally, when MCEU becomes operational, it can support the operational testing of Military GPS User Equipment.

Recent Developments

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