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The Department of Commerce creates the conditions for economic growth and opportunity by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, competitiveness, and stewardship informed by world-class scientific research and information.
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GPS Roles and Responsibilities

  • Promotes the interests of commercial GPS users, manufacturers, and service providers.
  • Manages the U.S. network of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS).
    CORS map
    Learn more about CORS
  • Hosts the meetings and offices of the National Executive Committee for Space-Based PNT. Learn more
  • Co-manages (with the FCC) the radio spectrum used by GPS. Learn more about spectrum
  • Promotes fair trade in the global market for GPS-related goods and services.
  • Conducts economic studies related to GPS applications.
  • Sets guidelines for the licensing of GPS-related exports.
  • Performs research and development of next-generation atomic clocks.
  • Applies GPS technology to a broad variety of governmental activities, including: weather and space weather forecasting; climate monitoring; vessel, aircraft, and satellite operations; fishery boundary enforcement; maintaining the National Spatial Reference System; surveying; remote sensing; implementation of geographic information systems; precision time transfer; and the national census.

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