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Civil GPS Service Interface Committee

Open Issues

This page provides a running compilation of unresolved issues raised during CGSIC meetings.

Where issues have been resolved, we indicate the U.S. government source of the response in parentheses.

Q. Publish revised minimum GPS performance specifications. Issue is that the taxpayers are paying for GPS non-DoD upgrades but the public (read that as taxpayers) can only use at their own risk. For instance, the incorporation of the NGA receivers to the monitoring network has provided both availability and accuracy improvements but, since the improvement is not documented in the SPS-PS, the use of that benefit should not be used in developing related system performance. If the constellation was at the bare minimum of the current SPS-PS, the WAAS system would be at risk. The constellation has much greater capability for civil use than the level defined in the SPS-PS. Why not document it as a GPS capability? The same thing happening with regard to increased capability offered by the expanded 24 constellation. So why is the Air Force not documenting the capability?

A: Open

Q. When will NAVCEN provide predictive GPS info on its website?

A: Ongoing development (NAVCEN)

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