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Civil GPS Service Interface Committee
U.S. State & Local Government Subcommittee

Regional Meeting
Sacramento 2011

The U.S. State and Local Government Subcommittee (USSLS) of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC) convened at the Caltrans TransLab Facility in Sacramento, California, on August 24, 2011.

Presentation materials from the meeting are embedded in the agenda below.


Wednesday August 24, 2011

8:00 A.M. Welcome/Opening
Rudy Persaud, Chair USS&LGSC, USDOT/FHWA

8:05 Civil GPS Service Interface Committee
Rick Hamilton, CGSIC Executive Secretariat, USCG Navigation Center
View presentation (379 KB PDF)


  • Learn about the Federal GPS and augmentation systems
  • Provide an open forum for civil user information exchange
  • Identify the common needs of state and local governments for GPS and GPS augmentation information
  • Identify information requirements and methods
  • Maintain a list of active points of contact in state and local governments
  • Conduct state and local government GPS information studies

9:00 US GPS Policy & U.S. International Cooperation Activities
Milo Robinson, Senior Policy Advisor Department of the Interior, National
Coordination Office Space Based Position, Navigation, & Timing (PNT)
View presentation (445 KB PDF)

9:30 GPS Constellation Briefing
Captain Vernon Reddick, U.S Air Force 2SOPS
View presentation (800 KB PDF)

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15 Nationwide Differential GPS (NDGPS) Project Status
CWO Gregory Sandness, NAVCEN US Coast Guard
View presentation (3 MB PDF)

10:45 Using Real Time GPS to Deliver Earthquake Early Warning in California
Richard Allen, Associate Director UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
View presentation (2 MB PDF)

11:15 Patriot Watch
Rick Hamilton, CGSIC Executive Secretariat USCG Navigation Center
View presentation (2 MB PDF)

11:45-1:00 Lunch on your own

1:00 California Department of Transportation Applications of GPS Technology
James Harcharik PLS, California Department of Transportation
View presentation (4 MB PDF)

1:30 Civil PNT Policy and Utility
Timothy Klein, RITA NDGPS Coordinator & Senior Policy Advisor USDOT
View presentation (4 MB PDF)

2:00 FHWA Activities in Navigation
Jim Arnold, Federal Highway Administration
View presentation (592 KB PDF)

2:30-2:45 Break

2:45 GPS Usage for Precision Agriculture
Ben Garton, Garton Tractor Inc.
View presentation (26 MB PDF)

3:15 Plate Boundary Observatory: A Multi – Use Geodetic Network
Chris Walls, UNAVCO
View presentation (24 MB PDF)

3:45 California Surveying Virtual Survey Network
Mike Woodel, California Surveying and Drafting Supply
View presentation (854 KB PDF)

4:15 How can you benefit from the services provided by GPS/CGSIC
Rudy Persaud, all

4:30 Thank you and meeting adjourn.

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