Working Groups of the National Executive Committee

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PNT logo The National Executive Committee for Space-Based PNT is supported by a number of interagency working groups that bring federal agencies together at the staff level to discuss specific issues.

Executive Steering Group (ESG)

The ESG consists of senior officials representing each member of the National Executive Committee. It also includes representatives from key agencies within various departments, such as the Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration. The co-chairs of the ESG are the Chief Information Officer of the Department of Defense (learn more) and the Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Research and Technology (learn more).

The ESG meets more frequently than the National Executive Committee. It provides a mechanism for elevating interagency issues to a senior level between National Executive Committee meetings. The ESG seeks to resolve issues that do not rise to the level of the Deputy Secretaries on the National Executive Committee. The ESG sets the agenda for the National Executive Committee meetings and makes recommendations on those issues that are presented to the Deputy Secretaries.

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GPS International Working Group (GIWG)

State Department logo The Department of State established the GIWG in the 1990s as a forum for developing, coordinating, and implementing international strategies related to GPS. It was moved under the umbrella of the National Executive Committee in 2006.

The GIWG meets regularly to review the nation's many ongoing bilateral and multilateral cooperation activities and to discuss future opportunities for international engagement and outreach.

Learn more about the State Department's role in GPS

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National Space-Based PNT Systems Engineering Forum (NPEF)

The NPEF consists of engineers and other experts from across the interagency community. It conducts assessments and makes recommendations on technical issues as tasked by the National Executive Committee.

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