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Civil GPS Service Interface Committee

U.S. State and Local Government Subcommittee Charter

1. Introduction

The Civil Global Positioning System (GPS) Service Interface Committee (CGSIC) is established to identify civil GPS user needs (e.g., navigation, timing, and positioning) in support of the Department of Transportation's (DOT) Civil GPS service (CGS) program and as a function of the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy's (OST/P) outreach program to the civil GPS user community. Pursuant to this responsibility, the CGSIC will interface with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy, the U.S. Coast Guard's Office of Navigation Safety and Waterway Services, the DOT POS/NAV Working Group, and the Joint Department of Defense (DOD)/DOT Radionavigation Working Group.

2. Objectives

3. Definitions

4. Sub-Committee Structure

5. Sub-Committee Guidelines

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