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Civil GPS Service Interface Committee
International Information Subcommittee

Regional Meeting
Monaco 2000

The International Information Subcommittee (IISC) of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC) held a meeting in Monaco on November 30-December 1, 2000.


Monday, 17 July 2006

1 The Civil GPS Interface Committee
Captain Tom Rice, Commanding Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center
View PDF (323 KB)

2 Satellite Navigation at Sea – Simply the Best or Simply Multi-Modal?
David Last, University of Wales, UK
View PDF (459 KB)

3 GPS Plans and Policies
Joe Canny, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Navigation Systems Policy, U.S. Department of Transportation
View PDF (620 KB)

4 The US, Japanese and Scandinavian Industry Councils
John Holm, Secretary General, Scandinavian GNSS Industry Council
View PDF (1 MB)

5 GPS Status and GPS Modernization
Ray Swider, Assistant for GPS, Positioning and Navigation, U.S. Department of Defense
View PDF (827 KB)

6 Global Positioning System (GPS) Constellation Status
Lieutenant Colonel Scott Shepherd, USAF, Joint Staff/J6S
View PDF (1 MB)

7 The IISC and the GPS User Support Centre
Mike Savill, IISC Chair; and Hank Skalski, U.S. Department of Transportation
View PDF (133 KB)

8 Resolution of GPS Anomalies
Captain Michael Rivers, 2d Space Operations Squadron, U.S. Air Force
View PDF (1 MB)

9 GPS III System Architecture Requirements Definition
David Turner, The Aerospace Corporation
View PDF (576 KB)

10 The Future of Radiobeacon DGNSS
Nicholas Ward, Chairman, IALA Radionavigation Committee
View PDF (15 KB)

11 Implementation of WGS 84 and GPS for Marine Navigation
Terry Moore, Institute of Engineering Surveying and Space Geodesy, The University of Nottingham
View PDF (2 MB)

12 The EGNOS System Test Bed
Alexandre Steciw, GNSS-1 Project Office, European Space Agency
View PDF (383 KB)

13 FAA Satellite Progam & WAAS
Joe Fee, International Technical Program Manager, Federal Aviation Administration
View PDF (1 MB)

14 GNSS and UWB – The concerns and responses
Michael Swiek, Executive Director, United States GPS Industry Council
View PDF (349 KB)

15 The Introduction of Very Long Range RTK Positioning Systems
Gordon Johnston, Racal Survey Group Limited
View PDF (1 MB)

16 Positioning and Navigation through Mobile Communication Systems
Bernd Eissfeller, Institute of Geodesy and Navigation, University FAF Munich
View PDF (1 MB)

17 GNSS and the European Vehicle Markets
Julian Grant, Mobile Positioning & Communications Division, Trimble
View PDF (5 MB)

18 Private Public Partnerships and Galileo
John Gallimore, Galileo Industries
View PDF (2 MB)

19 Service Provision Aspects within Galileo
Gordon Johnston, Racal Survey Group Limited
View PDF (1 MB)

20 European Geodetic Networks
Georg Weber, Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy, Frankfurt
View PDF (4 MB)

21 EUROFIX/Loran-C
Arthur Helwig, Delft University of Technology
View PDF (957 KB)

22 GPS-Technology in The Netherlands – Findings from a National Survey
(No paper received)

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