Joint Announcement

February 5, 2001 Tokyo


On February 5, 2001 in Tokyo, the Government of Japan and the Government of the United States of America held the inaugural session of the Japan-US GPS Plenary meeting which was convened to discuss the Global Positioning System (GPS). The session was organized to implement ideas originally outlined in a Joint Statement regarding cooperation in the use of the GPS which was issued on September 22, 1998 in New York City by the then heads of the two Governments. The purpose of the meeting was to study and discuss important matters on the use of the GPS standard positioning service.

During the meeting, the representatives of both of the Governments examined and discussed various GPS related issues from the perspective of both the current status of the program as well as where the program may go in the future.

Both of the Governments reconfirmed principles originally outlined by the Joint Statement of September 22, 1998, especially the principle that the U.S. Government continues to provide the GPS Standard Positioning Service for peaceful civil, commercial, and scientific use on a continuous, worldwide basis, free of direct user fees.

Both of the Governments will continue to work closely to promote the use of GPS Standard Positioning Service as a worldwide positioning, navigation, and timing standard; to facilitate the exchange of information on the development of aviation and maritime GPS augmentation systems; to avoid harmful interference between GPS and other services; to ensure effective and appropriate use of spectrum for GPS modernization; and to prevent misuse of GPS and its augmentations.