Press Statement in Response to
2010 GAO Report on GPS Program

National Coordination Office for Space-Based
Positioning, Navigation, and Timing

September 28, 2010

In accordance with presidential policy and congressional law, the United States Government remains committed to providing uninterrupted positioning, navigation, and timing services through the Global Positioning System (GPS) program. On behalf of the U.S. Government, the Air Force operates and sustains the GPS satellite constellation in support of U.S. and allied military forces, as well as hundreds of millions of civilian users in the United States and throughout the world. The Air Force has an unblemished record of meeting published performance standards in the operation of GPS, and we are confident in their ability to manage any future challenges postulated in the GAO's report.

The President's National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing, comprised of the deputy secretaries of nine federal departments and agencies, meets regularly to advise and coordinate departmental plans and programs. GPS sustainment is a top priority for the committee, particularly in consideration of the schedule and funding challenges noted by the GAO.

Reference: Global Positioning System: Challenges in Sustaining and Upgrading Capabilities Persist, Government Accountability Office, September 15, 2010

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