U.S. Presentations from the
Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2007

March 6-8, 2007

The following presentations were delivered by the U.S. Government speakers at the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit in Munich, Germany.

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GNSS International Cooperation

Ralph Braibanti, U.S. Department of State

This briefing provides information about U.S. diplomatic efforts to establish and continue international cooperation on space-based PNT issues.

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GPS Wing Program Update

Mark Crews, U.S. Air Force

This briefing provides a status update on the Global Positioning System and the GPS modernization program. It also addresses the Air Force's extensive role in promoting technical interoperability between GPS and other space-based PNT systems.

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Status of U.S. Space-Based PNT Policy and Programs

Michael Shaw, National Coordination Office for Space-Based PNT

This presentation provides information about the U.S. policy on space-based PNT and the organizations and actions associated with it. It also includes the introductory material for the discussion panel on "The U.S. Scene of Satellite Navigation," which included the following three speakers.

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Geodetic Applications of GNSS within the United States

Gerald Mader, U.S. National Geodetic Survey

This presentation describes the U.S. history of geodetic surveying and the continuing integration of GNSS information into the National Spatial Reference System.

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NASA GNSS Applications & Geosciences

Ruth Neilan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

This presentation address the use of GNSS for geodesy and geoscience. It also describes the International GNSS Service (IGS), whose Central Bureau is located at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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U.S. Government Role in Fostering Commercial GNSS Applications

David Turner, on behalf of U.S. Department of Commerce

This presentation outlines the role of the U.S. Government in promoting commercial uses of GPS technology and encouraging continued market growth.

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