Overhead view of people going through the GPS maze exhibit GPS Adventures

The GPS Adventures exhibit is now retired after completing its seven-year tour of 16 locations across the United States.

GPS Adventures was an immersive, educational experience designed to teach kids and adults about GPS technology. Visitors navigated their way through an interactive maze while simulating the popular, GPS-based activity known as geocaching—a family-friendly treasure hunting game enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

GPS Adventures logo The 2,500 square foot maze gave visitors the opportunity to learn the basics of traditional and modern navigation, see examples of GPS technology in use today, preview coming developments, and try their hand at designing future applications.

GPS Adventures debuted in 2007 at the Minnetrista museum in Muncie, Indiana, to record crowds. View photos

From there, it went on to science museums and other venues across North America, including the Maryland Science Center, Rochester Museum and Science Center, and the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

The U.S. government was a proud co-sponsor of GPS Adventures. The National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing contributed funds toward the development of the exhibit. Learn about the committee