T. Russell Shields

Russell Shields is the founder and chair of Ygomi LLC. He is an entrepreneur who has launched many successful technology ventures, including digital navigation software firm Navteq.

His first business, the IT consulting firm Shields Enterprises International (SEI), built many pioneering data management and transaction processing systems, including Time Inc.'s subscription systems, Motorola's worldwide engineering network, and Budget Rent A Car's property management system. SEI also developed real-time fulfillment systems for companies including Time-Life, TV Guide, and National Geographic. SEI also helped develop fundamental systems for the Veterans Administration, Social Security Administration, and CIA.

SEI's technology development led to new companies. Two consulting organization were sold in leveraged buyouts and still exist today. SEI also founded Cellular Business Systems, Inc. (CBSI), the first company to provide billing services to the U.S. cell phone industry.

In 1985, SEI helped to launch Navigation Technologies (now Navteq), pioneering the development of the world's most comprehensive, navigable map database and routing tools and the leading provider of map databases and related software for location service applications. Shields served as CEO until 2000, as a board member until 2004, and as an adviser to the CEO until 2008. Under his leadership, Navteq grew to more than a 65 percent market share in Europe and the U.S. This technology became central to MapQuest.com and in-vehicle navigation systems worldwide. In 2008, Navteq was acquired by Nokia for $8.1 billion.

SEI also developed a revolutionary in-store system that supported all basic business functions for McDonald's. This led McDonald's to ask SEI to provide technical support for the new technology, which grew into a global operation. In 2010, the businesses that had supported McDonald's were sold to the McDonald's Corporation. In 2011, the businesses that had supported Microsoft were sold to APAC.

Shields founded Ygomi LLC in 2000 to be the parent company of SEI and affiliated businesses. Ygomi delivers innovative software and technology-based services, employing approximately 400 people in 6 countries. SEI is a call center provider, focusing on work-at-home solutions for large corporations. The Ygomi companies also include Connexis and ArrayComm. Connexis works in worldwide partnership with vehicle and electronics manufacturers to deliver comprehensive, flexible in-vehicle multimedia solutions. ArrayComm is a world leader in multi-antenna signal processing solutions for wireless broadband systems. ArrayCom also provides LTE physical layer software to wireless base station manufacturers.

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