Eileen Reilly

Eileen ReillyMs. Reilly is the founder and CEO of Global Train Services LLC (GTS), which helps railroads implement and add resiliency for Positive Train Control (PTC). PTC relies heavily on a resilient and robust position, navigation, and timing (PNT) solution. GTS services include testing, defining and supporting additional GNSS radio-frequency bands for a space-based PNT solution, procuring grants, and complying with federal regulations.

Ms. Reilly was a Vice President at the Alaska Railroad (AKRR), a full-service passenger and freight railroad, until her retirement in 2018. She led the AKRR's Capital Program, which included PTC. The AKRR was an early adopter of PTC, which led Ms. Reilly to become a member of the Railroad Safety Advisory Committee for 49 CFR 236 Subpart H and Subpart I.

After retiring from the AKRR, Ms. Reilly founded GTS. As CEO, she has grown the company each year, expanded the scope of GTS's capabilities, and earned a solid relationship with clients throughout the industry.

Ms. Reilly has been a board member for the Commuter Rail Coalition for the last year and supports a strong commuter railroad presence. Ms. Reilly is a graduate of Rutgers University.

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