Per K. Enge

Professor Enge passed away on April 22, 2018, while serving his sixth term as a member of the National Space-Based PNT Advisory Board.

Per Enge Per Enge was the Kleiner-Perkins, Mayfield, Sequoia Capital Professor in the School of Engineering at Stanford University. He was also the director of the university's GPS Research Laboratory, which pioneers satellite-based navigation systems for aviation and maritime use. Two of these systems are in widespread use today.

The first uses medium frequency beacons to broadcast differential GPS corrections to some 1.5 million, mostly marine, users around the globe. The second uses geostationary satellites to broadcast differential corrections and real-time error bounds to GPS users in North America. This system came on line for aviation in the United States in July of 2003, and similar systems are being developed in Europe, Japan and India.

Per Enge received the Kepler, Thurlow and Burka Awards for his work. He was also a Member of the National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the ION and the IEEE.

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