DOT logo NAVCEN logo 49th Meeting of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee

At the Hilton Garden Inn Midtown
Savannah, Georgia
21-22 September 2009


Monday, 21 September 2009

08:00 Registration

Session I

09:00 Welcome/Opening
Karen VanDyke, Department of Transportation RITA, Chair, CGSIC

09:05 Meeting Overview
CAPT Ed Thiedeman, NAVCEN, Deputy Chair

09:15 U.S. National Space-Based PNT Executive Committee
Lt Col Scott Boushell, U.S. National Coordination Office for Space Based PNT
View presentation (215 KB PDF)

09:40 GPS Program Update
Col. Dave Madden, U.S. Air Force GPS Wing
View presentation (1 MB PDF)

10:05 GPS Constellation Status and Performance
1st Lt. Dan Boyd, U.S. Air Force, 2SOPS
View presentation (596 KB PDF)

10:30 Break

10:45 GAO Report
Col. Dave Madden, U.S. Air Force Space Command

11:10 Worldwide GNSS Interoperability
Alice Wong, U.S. State Department
View presentation (325 KB PDF)

11:35 Update on U.S. Interference Detection & Mitigation Plan (IDM)
John Merrill, DHS
View presentation (2 MB PDF)

  Civil GNSS Signal/Service Monitoring
Karen Van Dyke
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12:00 Q/A Panel (Presenters) Looking for a good panel topic

12:30 Break for Lunch

Session II

14:00 WAAS and LAAS Program Status
Leo Eldridge, DOT FAA, GNSS Program Manager
View presentation (2 MB PDF)

14:20 SVN-49 Signal Anomaly
Tom Stansell, Consultant to GPS Wing
View presentation (1 MB PDF)

14:40 In Anticipation of Solar Max
Joe Kunches, NOAA Boulder, Colorado
View presentation (3 MB PDF)

15:00 Resilient PNT: Today's Requirement
Dr. Sally Basker, UK General Lighthouse Authority.
View presentation (2 MB PDF)

15:20 User Concerns, GPS World Audience Survey
Alan Cameron, GPS World
View presentation (101 KB PDF)

15:40 User Perspectives on GPS
Glen Gibbons, Inside GNSS
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16:00 - 16:20 Q/A Panel (Presenters)

16:30 Break

16:45 Subcommittee Reports

  Report from International Subcommittee
John Wilde, DW International

  Report from Timing Subcommittee
Dr. Wlodzimierz Lewandowski, BIPM
View presentation (431 KB PDF)

  Report from U.S. States and Localities Subcommittee
Rudy Persaud, FHWA
View presentation (3 MB PDF)

  Report from Surveying, Mapping, and Geosciences Subcommittee
Richard Snay, NGS
View presentation (604 KB PDF)

17:30 End of Meeting Day

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

08:15 Registration

Morning Concurrent Sessions:

· International Session ·
John Wilde, Chair, ISC

09:00 Introduction
Karen VanDyke, DOT RITA, CGSIC Chair

09:05 Welcome
John Wilde, Chair, ISC

09:10 The GLAs' e-Navigation programme
Dr Sally Basker and Dr Nick Ward, UK General Lighthouse Authorities
View presentation (581 KB PDF)

09:30 GRACE and G-STEP; Fostering GNSS and GMES Developments
Prof. Terry Moore
View presentation (666 KB PDF)

09:50 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
Maureen Walker
View presentation (282 KB PDF)

  The Impact of NANUs on RAIM Prediction
John Wilde, Chair, ISC
View presentation (254 KB PDF)

10:10 Break

10:40 The Basic Plan for the Space Development and Utilization of the QZSS
Mr Hiroaki Maeda, Japan GPS Council
View presentation (439 KB PDF)

11:00 PBN and APV Implementation in Australia
Mr Dirk Noordewier, CASA, Australia
View presentation (1 MB PDF)

11:20 GNSS in Australia; and Overview
Mr Peter Ramm, Department of Geomatics, University of Melbourne
View presentation (1 MB PDF)

· U.S. States and Local Government Session ·
Rudy Persaud, Federal Highway Administration, Chair

08:30 Introduction
Capt Edwin Thiedeman, NAVCEN, Deputy Chair

08:35 Welcome
Rudy Persaud, USDOT/FHWA, Chair USSLS

08:40 Nationwide Differential GPS - Capabilities and Potential
Timothy Klein, NDGPS Coordinator
View presentation (2 MB PDF)

09:05 Statewide Reference Station Networks: Beyond Surveying.
James Stowell, Canary System, Inc.
View presentation (9 MB PDF)

09:30 RTK Networks: What? Why? Where?
Eric Gakstatter, GPS World Magazine
View presentation (1 MB PDF)

  Using WAAS for Sub-meter Mapping
Eric Gakstatter, GPS World Magazine
View presentation (2 MB PDF)

09:55 Real Time Networking
Scott Harris, Florida DOT

10:20 Break

10:35 Asset Management and Invasive Species Management
Joseph White, Maryland State Highway Administration
View presentation (2 MB PDF)

11:00 National Park Service GPS Program
Tim Smith, National GPS Program Coordinator, National Park Service
View presentation (6 MB PDF)

  NGS RTN Guidelines: Planning & Design
View presentation (2 MB PDF)

11:25 NDGPS and Digital Photography
DeLane R. Meier, North Dakota DOT
View presentation (3 MB PDF)

11:50 HA-NDGPS update
Jim Arnold, USDOT/FHWA
View presentation (995 KB PDF)

12:15 Closing Remarks
Rudy Persaud, Chair

12:30 Session End

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions:

· Timing Session ·
Dr. Wlodzimierz Lewandowski, BIPM, Chair; Co-Chair: Victor Zhang, NIST

14:00 Introduction
Wlodzimierz Lewandowski, BIPM
View presentation (431 KB PDF)

14:20 Report from NIST
Victor Zhang, NIST
View presentation (516 KB PDF)

14:50 Report from USNO
Demetrios Matsakis, USNO
View presentation (754 KB PDF)

  Report on possible revision of the UTC time scale
Ron Beard Chair
View presentation (55 KB PDF)

15:20 Break

15:40 Why leap seconds are difficult to get right for an equipment vendor
Sam Stein, Symmetricom, Inc.
View presentation (149 KB PDF)

16:00 Time and Navigation Exhibition at the Smithsonian: An Update
Carlene E. Stephens, National Museum of American History - to be confirmed
View presentation (550 KB PDF)

16:20 Discussion

17:20 Session End

· Surveying, Mapping, and Geosciences Session ·
Chair, Richard Snay, National Geodetic Survey

13:30 Welcome
Richard Snay, NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey
View presentation (604 KB PDF)

13:35 CORS/OPUS: Overview and Status
Giovanni Sella, NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey
View presentation (809 KB PDF)

13:50 PANEL SESSION: Guidelines for Real Time GNSS Networks (RTN)

  A. Site Considerations
Dan Martin, NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey
View presentation (253 KB PDF)

  B. Planning & Design
Gavin Schrock, Washington State Reference Network
View presentation (757 KB PDF)

  C. Administration
Gary Thompson, North Carolina Geodetic Survey
View presentation (120 KB PDF)

  D. Best Methods for Users
Bill Henning, NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey
View presentation (2 MB PDF)

14:50 Break

15:05 Question & Answer Session with Speakers

15:50 Interactive Sessions within Small Discussion Groups
Group 1. CORS/OPUS
Group 2. RTN Site Considerations and RTN Planning & Design
Group 3. RTN Administration and RTN Best Practices for Users

17:00 End of Forum

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