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Civil GPS Service Interface Committee
International Information Subcommittee

European Meeting
Brussels 2002

The International Information Subcommittee (IISC) of the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC) convened in Brussels, Belgium, on December 5-6, 2002.


Thursday, December 5, 2002

1) Welcome and Opening Remarks
Mr. Roland Rawlings (Head of Navigation, Eurocontrol)

  Meeting Opening
Mr. Peter GROGNARD (Deputy Chair International)

GPS Session
Chair: John Wilde

2) NAVCEN Civil GPS Support
CAPT Curtis DUBAY (US Coast Guard NAVCEN)
Download presentation (2.5MB PowerPoint file)

3) Constellation Status
Maj Mike MASON (US Air Force Space Command)

4) Modernization of GPS
Mr. Kent Hyatt, Overlook Systems
Download presentation (2.7MB PowerPoint file)

Other Systems Session
Chair: Peter Grognard

5) Galileo System Update
Dr. Uwe BERKES (Galileo Interim Support Structure)
View presentation (5.8MB PDF)

6) GLONASS Current Status and Future Plans
View presentation (2.5MB PDF)

7) Satellite Navigation as Seen by NATO
Mr. Jean-Philippe SAULAY, (NATO)
Download presentation (1MB PowerPoint file)

Friday, December 6, 2002

International Session Part I - Systems and Applications
Chair: Mr. Grognard

8) Extension of EGNOS to the development of GNSS services in Africa (ESA)
View presentation (3.5MB PDF)

9) Satellite based train protection, control and command for low-density lines
Mr. Frank WILMS (Septentrio)
View presentation (586 KB PDF)

10) The Use of Weather Predictions for GPS Positioning
Mrs. Anna Jensen (National Survey and Cadastre, Denmark)
View presentation (302KB PDF)

11) Eurocontrol's Activities and Vision on GNSS in Aviation
View presentation (2MB PDF)

International Session Part II - Networked Augmentation Services in Europe
Chair: Dr. Georg Weber

12) The EUREF-IP Project
Mr. Harald Gebhard, ICD, Dortmund, Germany & Prof. Georg Weber, BKG, Frankfurt, Germany

13) Private DGPS/RTK Service in Germany
Mr. Ruergen Rueffer, ALLSAT/Ascos/Ruhrgas, Germany

14) SAPOS, Public Satellite Positioning Service in Germany
Robert Winter, Germany
Download presentation (6.8MB PowerPoint file)

15) SISNet/EGNOS/ESA, Dissemination of Error Corrections over the Internet
Prof. Chen (Finnish Geodetic Institute)

Satellite Navigation Spectrum and Signals

16) GPS Industry Issues
Michael Swiek, U.S. GPS Industry Council
Download presentation (16KB PowerPoint file)

17) Tracking Signals in the Galileo band: first results of an extensive measurement campaign
Mr. Erwin KUBISTA (Joanneum, Austria)
View presentation (7.2MB PDF)

18) The influence of space weather and the ionosphere on GNSS
Dr Rene WARNAND (Royal Observatory, Brussels, Belgium)
View presentation (3.0MB PDF)

19) Ionospheric Scintillation Effects on GPS Measurements
Dr. Terry Moore (University of Nottingham, UK)
View presentation (3.8MB PDF)

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